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  • Let's Party (Master Take)Final5:22
  • My Time (Master Take)Final5:07
  • Our First Date (Master Take)Final4:23
  • Jazz Is The Heart & The Soul of Kansas City (Master Take)Final3:28
  • Ballerina (Master Take)Final3:44
  • Worth The Wait (Master Take)Final3:54
  • Don't Tell Me What To Do Blues (Master Take)Final3:49
  • El Montecristo (Master Take)Final4:04
  • In The Basement (performance mix) 6-19-20123:47
  • Like Pops & Poppa Joe (Master Take)Final3:06
  • I Believe In Music (Master Take)Final2:50


I Believe In Music

All songs are Written and performed by:

Lonnie McFadden, Chloe' McFadden, Gina McFadden, Ronald Mcfadden, and Donivan Bailey.

CD produced by Lonnie McFadden, and Crayge Lindsey.

CD design, photos, and graphic art by Jacquie Lenati.